A One Stop Shop for sub contracting services and Laser Technology for the Aerospace Sector
With our experience in product design, design for manufacturing, process development and manufacturing activities, SHOHAM delivers an end to end solution to its customers in the Aerospace sector.
SHOHAM operates in 2 main segments:

1. Sub - Contracting and manufacturing services:
Offering a comprehensive Complete solution for Aerospace product manufacturing services.
Starting from initial R&D and design gaudiness through prototyping and first batches, and until mid to large volume production.
Vast experience in process validation and qualification tests to achieve a repeatable and reliable process.

SHOHAM is qualified for AWS D17.1 CLASS A standard for aerospace laser welding of critical elements.

The company is specialized in laser technology for aerospace and industrial applications such as laser welding, marking, cutting, sub-assemblies in clean room environment, cleaning, packing and more.
During the years SHOHAM gain vast experience in accurate assemblies of missiles components with high accuracy and repeatability requirements.
Components such as Engines elements, Cryogenic coolers, Detectors and sensors for LIDAR technology, Cooled and un-cooled cameras elements and more

2. Manufacturing systems for Aerospace application:
Distributor of Laser systems for material processing.
The company cooperate with leading European manufacturers and acts as an exclusive representative in Israel.
Shoham install base includes a wide range of systems for industrial use such as laser cutting, welding, marking, micromachining, drilling, hardening, laser metal deposition for the aerospace industries in ISRAEL.

The company also offers an engineering and machine building services - in house capabilities, enable a full custom solution to meet customer's needs.
Technologies such as: Gantry axis systems, Robot pick and place, Laser welding, Vision recognition, Feeding and unloading and more


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