Clean Room & Sub-Assemblies

Sub-assemblies services for medical and aerospace products in a Clean-room ISO7 environment.
SHOHAM is offering a Turn-Key solutions for manufacturing of complete products.
The company operates an ISO7 Clean Room facility for assemblies under controlled environment.

Dedicated team with extensive engineering background support the evaluation of the project from R&D phase and until mid-production capacity including process development, fixture design and manufacturing, documentation and more.

Clean Room Services

Laser Welding & Marking
laser welding and marking processes inside ISO7 Controlled environment using high-end manual and CNC programed systems for high accuracy and repeatability process.
Sub-assemblies services including mechanical and opto-mechanical assemblies, bonding process with bio compatible adhesives. Special expertise in assembly process of cardio delivery systems up to 2m long with HHS flexible ends
Cleaning Process
Prior entering the Clean-Room area, all parts are being cleaned in a dedicated cleaning room. The cleaning process done according Shoham`s internal validate cleaning procedure. facility includes ultrasonic bath in various sizes, 2m bath for long medical tubes cleaning, oven for drying process, laminar flow area and more.
TYVEK Packing
TYVEK pouch packing in various sizes is offering in the final stage

pre-post services

Clean Room Activities Often Require Additional Steps Before And After The Actual Process. We Offer A Full Suite Of Pre- And Post-Processing Services.

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