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Shoham is offering a wide range of Lab and complimentary services, enable customers a complete solution for their product development and manufacturing life cycle
SHOHAM Lab Facility offers comprehensive testing, verification, and validation services for aerospace and medical devices. Our facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest standards of quality and precision. From tensile test machines to torque testing equipment, and a powerful vibration system for rigorous testing, we provide a wide range of testing solutions to meet customers specific needs.

One of our standout features is our Helium leak detector solution, which allows us to perform sealing tests with unmatched precision. Our system can detect leaks as small as 10^(-12) mbar, ensuring that customers devices meet the most stringent sealing requirements.
At SHOHAM Lab Facility, we are committed to delivering reliable and accurate results, enabling customers to bring safe and dependable aerospace and medical devices to market.

Lab Services

Tensile Tests Machine
Used to assess the mechanical properties of materials. This machine applies controlled tension or pulling force to a sample of the material to determine its response to stress and strain. Tensile testing is crucial in various industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, medical and more
Tourqe Machine
Designed to measure and evaluate the torque or rotational force applied to a component or assembly.The data obtained from these tests are crucial for quality control, ensuring that products meet specified torque requirements, and for research and development to improve product design and performance.
Metalographic Samples Preperation
A metalographic cross-section, also known as a metalographic specimen or micrograph, is a specialized type of sample prepared for examination under a microscope to study the internal micro structure of a metallic material. Metalographic cross-sections are invaluable for quality control, research, and development in industries such as aerospace, medical and more. For laser welding a metalographic cross section is a critical stage in the evaluation of welding procedure.
Crack Sensitive Material inspection system
Metallographic cross-sections are a valuable tool for determining the presence and characteristics of cracks in welded materials. The process involves preparing a cross-sectional sample of the welded joint, which is then examined under a microscope to reveal the internal micro structure, including any cracks or defects.
Helium Leak Detector
A helium leak detector is a highly sensitive and specialized instrument used for conducting sealing tests on aerospace and medical devices. These devices are designed to detect and measure minute leaks of helium gas, making them invaluable for ensuring the integrity and reliability of seals and enclosures in critical applications.

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