laser marking

General Marking Capabilities
Shoham’s manufacturing facility has a wide range of precision laser marking technologies that can add shallow, burr-free, crisp marks onto your products virtually regardless of the material from which they are made.
These include metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, steel, titanium, as well as plastics, ceramics and more.
Shoham’s unique ability to create small spot sizes and low generated heat enables us to handle small products such as medical devices or micro-electronics components that require marking at high resolution and with accurate positioning.

Laser Marking Advantages

Low Heat
Pulsed Lasers Can Minimize The Amount Of Heat Applied To A Part, Thus Helping To Keep Critical Electronics And Other Components Cool.
Medical Corrosion Free Marking
A Special laser strategy was developed by SHOHAM to enable a real black, shallow and corrosion-free marking for medical instruments. The device than will be able to stand in autoclave process for re-used applications
High Accuracy and resolution
Thanks to a 15 micron laser spot diameter and up to 2M rep-rate (Hz), we can achieve a high resolution and highly position accuracy marking process for micro aerospace parts of for medical devices where position accuracy of the marking is required.
Special Surface Texturing
The laser beam creates micropatterns on the surface through laser ablation, removing layers with micrometer precision and perfect repeatability. Typical patterns include dimples, grooves, and free forms.

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