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    LM -C is an automatic CNC laser welding for accurate processes.

    The system equipped with X Y Z table controlled by a joystick for manual and semi-auto movements, in addition the LM-C is equipped with CNC software for automatic laser welding with 4 axis simultaneous welding

    LM-C integrates the Smart Spot technology for a repeatable welding process: great depth of field and a stable laser shot starting from the very first pulses.

    LM-C VISION features the patented Syncro View system that ensures a fluid and stress-less vision even during the welding phase. The new ergonomic design and the low operating noise grant a superior comfort for the operator. The ECO mode function switches off specific unused system components during idle times, thus guaranteeing lower power consumption.

    Full digital electronic control for accurate diagnostics, higher pulse stability and longer lamp life.


    4th axis - Rotary
    Video Camera
    Micro Spot (0.1mm)
    Fume Extraction

    Manufacturer: Sisma SPA, Italy

    LMC – CNC
    LMC – CNC
    LMC – CNC
    LMC – CNC
    • LMC – CNC
    • LMC – CNC
    • LMC – CNC
    • LMC – CNC

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    • Technical Data

      • Model LMC180 / LMC210
      • Laser Type ND:YAG, lamp pump
      • Max. mean power 80W / 85W
      • Pulse peak power 9 kW / 10.5 kW
      • Max. pulse energy 180 J / 210 J
      • Pulse duration 0,3 - 20 ms
      • Pulse frequency 0,5 -50 Hz
      • Focus diameter 0.2 - 2 mm (0.1mm as an option)
      • Processing optics Leica x10 / x16 / x25
      • X-Y axes stroke 150 x 150 mm
      • Z axis stroke 175 mm
      • Max load weight 25 kg
      • Weight 200 kg
      • Power supply 1ph 230V±10% 50/60 Hz
      • Dimensions (WxDxH) 698 x 801 x 1465 mm
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