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    IPG’s Wobble and Seam Tracking welding head adaptor integrates two technologies into one compact module.

    The module allows for simultaneous laser beam wobbling and welding seam tracking.
    Wobbling the laser beam improves weld quality as well as finish, and the seam tracker enables automatic adjustment of welding head lateral position when the seam location varies.

    IPG’s welding heads with wobble functionality deliver unmatched weld quality, even on highly reflective materials.
    Ideal for bridging gaps without filler material, IPG’s wobble Heads provides stunning visual finish and weld consistency throughout the seam.

    The module is plug-and-play compatible with the D50 high power welding head.

    Materials Prone to Cracking / Porosity
    When welded with conventional methods, some materials are sensitive to welding defects, for example:
    –Some grades of aluminum that are prone to the pore formation during the welding process
    –Spring steel which is sensitive to thermal cracking
    When using the wobbler welding head, the welding process can be further optimized (various wobble modes, amplitudes and frequencies), so that the welding defects can be minimized or eliminated.

    Welding Dissimilar Metals
    When welding dissimilar metals, the wobbler has incomparable benefits, for example:
    –If one material has a higher melting point or higher reflectivity than the other, the melting behavior of the materials can be “balanced” by choosing the wobble parameters appropriately.
    –Some combinations of metals tend to form brittle intermetallic compounds as a result of welding. When using the wobbler, the melting / solidification of the intermetallic layer can be controlled better, which improves the weld quality.


    Seam Tracking:
    Complete seam tracking system
    Increases productivity through automated adjustment of weld location to match varying seam positions
    Utilizes high speed CCD camera and LED strobe illumination to image fast moving parts
    Locates seams with <10 um accuracy
    Provides increased process consistency

    Drilling holes with adjustable diameter
    Utilizes a drilling nozzle to provide optimized gas flow
    Provides process consistency over percussion drilling applications
    The hole shape can be customized using a scan controller

    Ideal for small-field scanning applications
    Utilizes IPG Scan Controller and IPG Weld Software for job setup and execution
    Increases flexibility of the wobbler to include a multitude of shapes and features
    Allows utilization of welding accessories such as air-knifes, gas-assist ports, coax nozzles in high-power scanning

    Manufacturer: IPG Photonics, Germany

    Processing Head  – Wobble
    Processing Head  – Wobble
    Processing Head  – Wobble
    Processing Head  – Wobble
    • Processing Head  – Wobble
    • Processing Head  – Wobble
    • Processing Head  – Wobble
    • Processing Head  – Wobble
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