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    We offer manufacturing services from original concept through tool design and fabrication. Our team of qualified engineers is adept at finding unique solutions to challenging products throughout various industries. Our experience and our client-oriented focus allow us to produce complete parts—from prototypes to mid-production runs. In addition to offering competitive pricing, we are dedicated to meeting delivery schedules required by demanding industries.

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    Shoham’s manufacturing facility has a wide range of precision laser marking technologies that can add shallow, burr-free, crisp marks onto your products virtually regardless of the material from which they are made


    Laser welding is ideal for applications requiring pinpoint accuracy at high production rates. It is non-contact, does not require a vacuum, and is excellent for joining thin materials and small components.


    The company operates an ISO7 Clean Room facility for assemblies under controlled environment


    As a complimentary service, SHOHAM is offering a sub-assemblies services for medical and aerospace products
    skilled workers and a dedicated quality control procedures creates a unique capability for assembly of complex parts with high repeatability.

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