M Shoham
M Shoham

Sub-Assemblies and Clean Room Services

  • As a complimentary service, SHOHAM is offering a sub-assemblies services for medical and aerospace products
  • skilled workers and a dedicated quality control procedures creates a unique capability for assembly of complex parts with high repeatability.


  • SHOHAM is offering a Turn-Key solutions for manufacturing of the a complete product from design and manufacturing of the tooling for the assembly process, post/pre cleaning, assembly, laser processes, testing, packing and more
  • All processes are being controlled by a dedicated quality control documentations such as Route Cards, Test Report etc.
  • The company operates an ISO7 Clean Room facility for assemblies under controlled environment
  • laser welding and marking processes inside the ISO7 Controlled environment
  • Cleaning services
  • TYVAX packing
  • And more

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